Scientism Religion vs. Real Science, NK Threats Mount, NEVER SIGN This Document: The Diamond Report


Scientism Religion vs. Real Science, Real Science Can’t Be ‘Settled’, MarchForScience Trashes DC Streets, NK Threats Again & Again, Transhumanism Neuralink Next Stage Of Human Evolution, US Citizen Detained In NK, Will They Suspend The French Election Before LePen Wins?, Bose Headphones Spying, Poland To Muslims: “Here, Jesus Is Our King So Get Out”, Global Alert News, Retail Bubble Bursting, Trump Still Dividing Syria, Bike Lock Beating, Kim’s Pig Farm Visit, Tony Blair Return To Politics? (Let’s Hope Not!), Vanity Fair Rips Chelsea Clinton, RFK Jr. Goes Off On Vaccines – On TV!, Monsanto, Kim Jong-un ‘Dismissed’, Border Wall Funding, Grid Down In All Cities Soon?, Tanks Near Oroville Dam, Google Seeking Control Of Entire Internet?, Russia Claims US Shoreline Lined With Nuke Mole Missiles, Manufactured Reality, Giant Technology & DNA, Medical Cult Of Death, Prof: Commit Suicide For Transhumanists, City & State Pensions To Go Bye-bye, Port Of Long Beach Power Outage: Hundreds Of Trucks Stuck, William Shatner Targeted By Vaccine Bullies, Keep Your DNA Young, Vaccine Injuries Keep Piling Up, NEVER Sign ‘Refusal To Vaccinate’ Doc Or They’ll Come For Your Kids, Breast Cancer Bombshell, Wired Not Wireless Tech, Free American Pastor From Turkish Jail, Vaccine Attorney: ‘System Is Rigged’ – DAILY REAL NEWS RECAP: The Diamond Report with Doug Diamond – April 23, 2017

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Date: April 24, 2017