Macron Landslide – Globalism Wins In France, CERN Restarts, Scientism, Red List: The Diamond Report


Globalism Defeats Populism In France, Obama Underminded US Nat’l Security In Iran Deal, Leaked Drone Footage: Vacationers In FL Used As ‘Dummy Targets’ By Military, Confidence In Trump?, Bill Maher’s Tasteless Trump ‘Joke’, 8 To 10 Million Migrants Still On The Way To Europe, ISIS Tutorial Steers Jihadists Towards Heavier Trucks – So We Should Ban Trucks!, NK Detains Fourth US Citizen, Military Space Plane – What Did It See?, 15 Year Old Killed By Police For Holding BB Gun, Judge Jeanine Slams Hillary, Russian Hackers Blamed Just In Case Macron Lost, Pope Francis: Don’t Call A Bomb ‘Mother’, Alex Explains The French Election Debacle, FBI Arrested 900 Members Of ‘Dark Web’ Pedophile Ring, Afghanistan: US Created ISIS, Don’t Put Your Country Near Our Military Bases!, Rob Schneider: America Needs A Restraining Order Against Hillary, Fiscal Bloodbath Coming This Fall, Bomb Scare At Louvre, San Fran Wages War On Free Speech, ISIS Leader Vows To Escalate Attacks On Christians, NK Threatens Actual White House With Nuke Strike, Mississippi Rising, The Left Worships Religion Of Scientism, American Academy Of Pediatrics: No Science Needed – Vaccines Are Safe And Effective – Because We Say So!, Feinstein Worried About White Repub Men And What They Will Do To “Healthcare”, “Muhammed” Is Most Popular Baby Name In London, Gray Death Opioid Mix, L.A. City Council Wants To Impeach Trump, NK’s “Final Sacred War”, Defaulted Student Loans, Faulty LePen Ballot Papers, Macron Landslides – Where Did He Come From?, Is Trump A Fraud Or Is It A Coup?, Red List? Or Blue List? (Doug’s On The Red List But Not Afraid – God’s Protection), Iran Threatens Saudi Arabia, Smart Dust And Morgellons, Toxic Airline Cabin Air, Dead Sharks Washing Up In Bay Area – Ocean Eco-Systems Are Collapsing (Revelation 8:9), Historic Floods & Deluges: Geoengineering, Medicated US Water, CERN Ramps Up May 8th, UK Gov’t Forcing Tech Companies To Build Backdoors For Spying, DARPA Super Soldiers, God’s Cosmos – He Created It – No Accident, Space Sounds And Saturn, Anthony Patch Talks September – CERN – And Saturn’s Black Cube, US Danger Zones When SHTF, DARPA’s New Mind Control Program For Brain Hacking – No Human Flesh Alive Coming Soon – DAILY REAL NEWS RECAP: The Diamond Report with Doug Diamond – May 7, 2017

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Date: May 8, 2017