Bill Nye, Scientism, and the March for Science (Full)


Bill Nye, Scientism, and the March for Science (Full w/o animations or keyframe work-to save on upload/render time)

P.S. I will put up three parts of this vid (as intended) with all the polish in the next week.

April 22nd has gone and past and the March for Science has faded into memory, but where does that leave us in the fallout of a popular science boom? With stars like Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson defining science for the masses, what sort of message are they presenting? Pages like IFL Science are rampant across social media, and their political memes regarding STEM and its subsidiaries shape knowledge for the next generation. A culture of secular philosophy swells this climate of “Scientism” and while it can increase the intelligence of the masses, it can cause a non-skeptical adherence to certain scientific narratives. This could jeopardize the type of people interested in STEM and who could better serve it. By muddying the waters of who is a “scientist” we have given a doorway to the SJW-Intersectional infiltration through STEAM and “changes” which will come from it.

Sources: – AAAS “Scientism” good quotes – Folly of Scientism – one example of why Natural Science is considered more “scientific” amongst peers – Reddit AMA with Science March Organizers – STEAM vs STEM – STEAM is it useful? Why Intersec is attempting to use it. – Bishop Robert Barron (on Bill Nye and Scientism-good commentary from a non-Atheist)

Date: May 16, 2017
Actors: Bill Nye