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From the upcoming album ‘Never Sleep Again’. Coming this month. Maybe a week or two.

There is a hidden agenda at play, same old bullshit but a different day
They’re tellin’ us lies and they’re getting’ away, deceiving the world and it isn’t okay
Get out my way ‘cause I’m shinin’ the light on these bastards with every chance that I get
Attempting to wake people up to this nonsense until the elite just can’t handle this shit
Sick of livin’ life in utter madness, so sick of them treating us like maggots
Look at text books taught in classes, Do some research, nothing matches
Then they start wavin’ their Hollywood wand, no sign of a brain because all of it’s gone
That’s where they wanted you at all along, stuff that you think you know, all of it’s wrong
These people stay lyin’, eventhough most ain’t buyin’
The mainstream manipulation but still they stay tryin’
Look what happened on 911, look what happened at sandy hook
These fancy crooks write lies as history in their fancy books

Welcome to your trauma based mind control, when will this shit end man, I don’t know
Until then there’s no place I won’t go – I’m tryin’ to wise up, rise up and fight the foe
& I don’t give a fuck if you call the cops, This is over to the dose and I’m not gon’ stop
Nobody in my life is gonna call the shots, unless it’s just me so it’s all or not
The way that they have us all livin’ is sad, humans are stupid, conditions are bad
I promise that you won’t be diggin’ the future, you’re gonna be missin’ the shit that you had
I don’t even know if we could ever even win, the only thing I’m sure of is I’ll never sleep again
If you think you know anything, then you better think again, you’re taking part in a story that might ever even end
Oh no! How can it be (ah ah) This world is testin’ me (ah ah)
Won’t give up readily (ah ah) This is my destiny (ah ah)
I won’t quit ‘til my heart stops tickin’, always searchin’ for the part that’s missin’
Seekin’ truth, I’m on a mission, I can see, I got that vision

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Date: May 10, 2017
Actors: ODD