Vegan Warrior MASH UP No Longer A Flat Earther “I’m a Realist”


Watched a video recently by The Vegan Warrior. This particular video was one of the most inspiring videos I have seen since Dan Pratt got all fired up! So, I had a quick creative moment and tried to throw what he said into a little track. Nothing special… I’m no producer or D.J. But thanks Vegan Warrior fro the inspiration. Sub his channel here:
and this video was made entirely from this video here:

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For those who feel they are so smart, good for you. By challenging “scientific fact,” we get closer to the truth. We either realize that we were taught facts in school, or replace the wrong info with the more correct version. Asking questions, doing research, conducting tests and attacking scientific fact from all angles IS SCIENCE. Blind belief in what you are told is a sign of a religion. Go watch a video you enjoy… life is too short. ☻As always, thanks for watching!


Date: April 1, 2017
Actors: Jeran