MOAB and Clown Jarrah White Tied For Mother Of All Bullshit


How quickly and easy it is to lose respect for people. I used to like Jarrah White because I had seen some of his videos on the all too obvious moon hoax. However, yesterday I realized who he really is. He is another SpaceX fan boy who has a big crush on Elon Musk and actually thinks that SpaceX is flying around in outer space. He decided to make two videos “DEBUNKING” me in which he does no such thing but reveal his stupidity as well as his man crush for Elon. Also includes some talk about the MOAB that the US dropped on Afganistan.

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For those who feel they are so smart, good for you. By challenging “scientific fact,” we get closer to the truth. We either realize that we were taught facts in school, or replace the wrong info with the more correct version. Asking questions, doing research, conducting tests and attacking scientific fact from all angles IS SCIENCE. Blind belief in what you are told is a sign of a religion. Go watch a video you enjoy… life is too short. ☻As always, thanks for watching!


Date: April 14, 2017
Actors: Jeran