A Flat Earth Discussion 4/17 – Sofia Smallstorm, Mike Williams, David Weiss & Jeranism


I recently had the pleasure of joining Sofia Smallstorm, David Weiss and Mike Williams (Sage of Quay) for a round-table discussion about the Flat Earth. Links are below. Enjoy!

In this conversation we discuss some of the more challenging questions regarding the Flat Earth theory as we share our thoughts and ideas with each other.

Sofia’s website: http://www.aboutthesky.com/smallstorm
Mike’s website: http://www.sageofquay.com/
David’s YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/jnbhbe4
Jeran’s YouTube: http://tinyurl.com/hcdzckp

Sofia’s Store: http://www.avatarproducts.com/

* Dr Zach apparent SUN POSITION https://youtu.be/XOdfn0CgRrg
* Skiba sun set with atmospheric lensing https://youtu.be/yeo_-1h6qUc
* Different kinds of sunsetshttps://youtu.be/B8Uj0FgDP38?list=PL8R7sUt1fYkDrH7o_2FmV25RqWJGIajk3
* How we see the sun set https://youtu.be/TIl13V2j39c?list=PL8R7sUt1fYkDrH7o_2FmV25RqWJGIajk3
* Crrow777 Religion and the sun https://youtu.be/c02iVaQCiLY
* How can we see the stars at such great distances. SPOILER ALERT: We can’t. https://youtu.be/E-yAx50NdKE
* Propulsion in a vacuum https://youtu.be/S9i97_K9Sx8
* The limits of our sight due to perspective https://vid.me/8Y1J
* NASA whistleblower https://youtu.be/1Po2881FnrI
* Staircase to disbelief https://vid.me/d8oX

Sage of Quay Hub Website: http://www.sageofquay.com/

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The song ‘Truth’ is from Mike’s album Leaving Dystopia http://www.laboroflovemusic.com/

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For those who feel they are so smart, good for you. By challenging “scientific fact,” we get closer to the truth. We either realize that we were taught facts in school, or replace the wrong info with the more correct version. Asking questions, doing research, conducting tests and attacking scientific fact from all angles IS SCIENCE. Blind belief in what you are told is a sign of a religion. Go watch a video you enjoy… life is too short. ☻As always, thanks for watching!


Date: April 3, 2017
Actors: Jeran