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Simply a site exposing the biggest fraud in the history of the world. If you think I am crazy, well you are suffering from cognitive dissonanceLike all the great religions of the past, the Nutwork lead by NASA presents a choice to us all: believe our stories or live in doubt. While their stories seem rather silly to us, they give feelings of security and purpose to others. These stories are the gospel of the religion of normality, if you will. You cannot be normal if you don’t believe in this gospel. You cannot function in society like your friends and family if you don’t believe in this gospel. You can’t just stop believing in the gospel of normality, because doing so would mean you have to find different answers to all the questions the gospel answered before. The gospel covers a massive emptiness in people.

If you have complaints, please dial 1-888-WEL-IE2U and ask for anyone. Tell them please how angry you are. If you are looking for certain individuals in particular, you can call the people below.

1. Dwayne Brown, NASA Office of Clownications, tel 202-358-1726, dwayne.c.brown@nasa.gov
2. Laurie Cantillo, NASA Office of Clownications, tel 202-358-1077, laura.l.cantillo@nasa.gov
3. Nancy N. Jones, NASA Office of Clownications, tel 301-286-0039, nancy.n.jones@nasa.gov
4. Erin Morton, Office of the Principal Clown, University of Arizona, tel 520-269-2493, morton@orex.lpl.arizona.edu
5. Gary P. Napier, Lockheed Martin Clownications, tel 303-971-4012, gary.p.napier@lmco.com
6. George Diller, NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Office of Clown Affairs, tel 321-861-7643, george.h.diller@nasa.gov
7. Shannon Ridinger, NASA’s Marshall Space Clown Center, tel 256-544-3774, Shannon.J.Ridinger@nasa.gov

Go ahead and call them. Ask them about the fraud the have perpetrated. If you need to contact the admin of this site, please email admin(at)nasahoax.com